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MightyScape for InkScape 0.92.X

Looking to get more productive i started using some more special InkScape extensions. I love InkScape. And i love things like 3d printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, pen plotting, maths, physics, geometry, patterns, 2D drawings, 3D CAD and so on. I am also interested to learn embroidery and more stuff. All this you can do with InkScape! After years i recognized that there is no good source to pull them in a quick and clean way. Each developer puts his own code on his hidden/unknown repository. Many plugins are completely unknown and a lot of extensions are forked x times or are unmaintained. So many extensions do not work with recent InkScape or were never tested with newer versions so far.

What and why?

This is a one-to-bundle-them-all collection of hundreds of additional functions to InkScape (extensions) for version 0.92.4 including documentation. All plugins where sorted in into custom categories (to avoid overloading the standard extension menu of InkScape). You can find most of them in sub menu "FabLab Chemnitz". I renamed and cleaned a lot of *.inx files and *.py files. I applied some function renamings, id changes (for preferences.xml clean-keeping), spelling fixes, formattings and parameter corrections.

I stopped counting the extensions. It took many weeks to search and find all them on the web (so much different possible sources where to find!), to read, to comment (report issues), to fix problems, to test, to document and to provide them online. Many extensions were lost in translation / really really hidden.

At least this repo will help to bring alife some good things from the past and will show hidden gold. It meshes things together in a fresh and bundled way - with ease of use and minimum installation stress. A lot of code is not at the optimum. A mass of bugs has to be fixed and a different tools should be improved in usage generally. This package will show errors quickly. So hopefully a lot of new code fixes result from this package. Maybe some people help to make all the stuff compatible with InkScape 1.0 which is going to be released really soon.

I think this package is ideal for makers who are travelling around and/or using a lot of different machines at different locations.

Credits / Help to develop

  • This is not a repository to steal the work of others. The credits go to each developer, maintainer, commiter, issue reporter and so on. I am not the owner or creative head of any of this extensions (except "The Plaster Tool - Plotty")
  • All plugins are open source licensed and are fully compatible to be legally inside this repository. This plugin is a fully non-commercial project too
  • All plugins were taken from each git repo's master branch (if git/svn available). There might exist some development branches, fork branches or issue comments which might resolve some issues or enhance functionality of provided plugins. I did not find them all maybe. To check for recent github forks i use
  • Some plugins were fixed a little by myself
  • If you find bugs or have ideas please push them directly to the corresponding root repository of the developer. You may create some issue here but i guess it won't make sense in all cases.
  • Credits for creation of this big package: me (Mario Voigt)

Requirements / Tested environment

  • tested with InkScape portable Version. Definitely works with too InkScape *.msi / *.exe installation too!
  • this package is oriented for Windows 10 64 Bit users (sorry for the Linux users - i will try to focus on that later) but most things should run on Linux too
  • some extensions require custom Python installation. So i provide a description on how to do this (see documentation).
  • some extensions require additional packages or other installers (see documentation).

Remaining ToDos

  • Implement bug fixes like harmonizing the handling of external application calls
  • Integrate more extensions
  • clean code
  • make more precise documentation with more examples
  • make it compatible with InkScape 1.0 and Python 3

Documentation and examples

Please see at

Deprecation notes

This package cannot be applied for InkScape 1.0 and higher (Python 2 vs Python 3). See the new MightyScape 1.0 Extension Pack