more fine tuning in lasercheck

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Mario Voigt 2021-12-22 10:04:49 +01:00
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commit 789a04e078
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@ -391,14 +391,14 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
The more stroke colors the more laser job configuration is required. Reduce the SVG file
to a minimum of stroke colors to be quicker
to a minimum of stroke colors to be quicker. Note that a None stroke might be same like #000000 but thats not guaranteed
if so.checks == "check_all" or so.stroke_colors is True:
inkex.utils.debug("\n---------- Stroke colors ({} are allowed)".format(so.stroke_colors_max))
strokeColors = []
for element in shapes:
strokeColor ='stroke')
if strokeColor is not None and strokeColor not in strokeColors:
if strokeColor not in strokeColors: #we also add None (default value is #000000 then) and "none" values.
if so.show_issues_only is False:
inkex.utils.debug("{} different stroke colors in total".format(len(strokeColors)))
@ -416,20 +416,22 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
strokeWidths = []
for element in shapes:
strokeWidth ='stroke-width')
if strokeWidth is not None and strokeWidth not in strokeWidths:
if strokeWidth not in strokeWidths: #we also add None and "none" values. Default width for None value seems to be 1px
if so.show_issues_only is False:
inkex.utils.debug("{} different stroke widths in total".format(len(strokeWidths)))
if len(strokeWidths) > so.stroke_widths_max:
for strokeWidth in strokeWidths:
if strokeWidth != "none":
if strokeWidth is None:
inkex.utils.debug("stroke width default (system standard value)")
elif strokeWidth == "none":
inkex.utils.debug("stroke width none (invisible)")
swConverted = self.svg.uutounit(float(self.svg.unittouu(strokeWidth))) #possibly w/o units. we unify to some internal float. The value "none" converts to 0.0
inkex.utils.debug("stroke width {}px ({}mm)".format(
round(self.svg.uutounit(swConverted, "px"),4),
round(self.svg.uutounit(swConverted, "mm"),4),
inkex.utils.debug("stroke width none")