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@ -13,6 +13,14 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
- inx:
- set speed manually or pick machine (epilog) - travel and cut speed are prefilled then
- calculate cut estimation with linear or non-linear (epiloog) speeds > select formula or like this
- select time estimation for specific speed percentage for for all speeds (100,90, ...)
- select material (parameters -> how to???)
- select power of CO² source
- add fields for additional costs like configuring the machine or grabbing parts out of the machine (weeding), etc.
- add mode select: cut, engrave
- look for lines especially containing id "travelLines-" and sum up travel lines
- add some extra seconds for start, stop, removing parts, attaching material, ...
- maybe remove totalTravelLength and set manually ...
@ -41,7 +49,7 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
- check for elements which have no style attribute (should be created) -> (cleanup styles tool)
- migrate styles from groups/layers to path styles (cleanup styles tool)
- self-intersecting paths
- number of parts (isles) to weed in total
- number of parts (isles) to weed in total - this is an indicator for manually picking work; if we add bridges we have less work
- number of parts which are smaller than vector grid
- add some inkex.Desc to all elements which were checked and which have some issue. use special syntax to remove old stuff each time the check is applied again
- this code is horrible ugly stuff
@ -555,6 +563,11 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
Really short paths can cause issues with laser cutter mechanics and should be avoided to
have healthier stepper motor belts, etc.
Peck Sidara from Epilog:
"Most of the acceleration of speed occurs from the 1-20% range, there is a difference between say 30% and 90%speed
but due to the many variables (length of nodes, shape and contour of nodes), you may not see a noticable difference in time.
Additional variables include acceleration, deceleration and how our laser handles/translates the vector data."
if so.checks == "check_all" or so.cutting_estimation is True:
inkex.utils.debug("\n---------- Cutting time estimation (Epilog Lasers)")