add scale check to laser check extension

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Mario Voigt 2022-01-02 18:05:54 +01:00
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@ -133,6 +133,32 @@ class LaserCheck(inkex.EffectExtension):
inkex.utils.debug("Document units: {}".format(doc_units))
inkex.utils.debug("User units: {}".format(user_units))
Check for scalings
> Page size is determined by SVG root 'width' and 'height'.
> 'viewBox' defined in 'user units' with the values: (x offset, y-offset, width, height).
> Document scale is determined by ratio of 'width'/'height' to 'viewBox'.
docScale = self.svg.scale
docWidth = self.svg.width
docHeight = self.svg.height
#inkex.utils.debug("Document scale (x/y)={:0.3f}".format(docScale))
#inkex.utils.debug("Document width={:0.3f}".format(docWidth))
vxMin, vyMin, vxMax, vyMax = self.svg.get_viewbox()
vxTotal = vxMax - vxMin
vyTotal = vyMax - vyMin
vScaleX = vxTotal / docWidth
#vScaleY = vyTotal / docHeight #should/must be the same as vScaleX value
inkex.utils.debug("Document scale (x/y): {:0.5f}".format(vScaleX))
if round(vScaleX, 5) != 1.0:
inkex.utils.debug("WARNING: Document not 100%!")
scaleX = namedView.get('scale-x')
if scaleX is not None:
inkex.utils.debug("WARNING: Document has scale-x attribute with value={}".format(scaleX))
The SVG format is highly complex and offers a lot of possibilities. Most things of SVG we do not
need for a laser cutter. Usually we need svg:path and maybe svg:image; we can drop a lot of stuff