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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import sys
import re
import subprocess
from BaseExtension import BaseExtension
# For linting purposes
from argparse import ArgumentParser
"""If syntax error occurs here, change inkscape interpreter to python3"""
"""I have yet to find a way for an extension to call another extension with parameters,
without GUI. This extension can be run as part of a standalone extension (using BaseExtension)
or imported for use by another extension. This workaround is done via the 'option' arg in
the 'custom_effect' function"""
def custom_effect(self: BaseExtension):
"""Note: The init of the BaseExtension class will set its 'custom_effect' attr
to this function. Hence, the self arg is of type BaseExtension."""
selected = self.svg.selected
root = self.document.getroot()
actions_list = []
proc ="inkscape --verb-list | grep -oP '^.+?(?=:)'",
shell=True, capture_output=True)
valid_actions_and_verbs = proc.stdout.decode().splitlines()
proc ="inkscape --action-list | grep -oP '^.+?(?= *:)'",
shell=True, capture_output=True)
valid_actions_and_verbs += proc.stdout.decode().splitlines()
self.options.dry_run = self.options.dry_run == 'true'
def verify_action(action):
if ':' in action:
action = action.split(':')[0]
if action not in valid_actions_and_verbs:
raise ValueError(action)
def select_do_individually(objs, actions):
for obj in objs:
actions_list.append("select-by-id:" + obj.get_id())
if isinstance(actions, str):
actions = [actions]
for action in actions:
def select_do_on_all(objs, actions):
for obj in objs:
actions_list.append("select-by-id:" + obj.get_id())
if isinstance(actions, str):
actions = [actions]
for action in actions:
effects = []
if self.options.tab_effect is None:
if self.options.effects is not None:
self.options.tab_effect = 'Multi'
elif self.options.effect1 is not None:
self.options.tab_effect = 'Simple'
elif self.options.tab_effect in ('Preset', 'Simple'):
for attr in ('effect_' + self.options.tab_effect.lower() + str(i) for i in range(1, 4)):
e = getattr(self.options, attr)
if e != None:
effects += [e.strip()]
if effects == []:
raise ValueError
elif self.options.tab_effect == 'Multi':
if self.options.effects is None:
raise ValueError
for line in self.options.effects.split('\\n'):
effects += [e.strip() for e in line.split(';') if e != '']
except ValueError:
self.msg("No effects inputted! Quitting...")
if == 'root':
objects = self.find(root, '/svg:svg' + self.options.xpath)
elif == 'selected':
objects = self.find(selected, self.options.xpath)
if objects == []:
self.msg(f"No objects satisfies XPath: '{self.options.xpath}'.")
if self.options.mode == 'all':
select_do_on_all(objects, effects)
elif self.options.mode == 'indiv':
select_do_individually(objects, effects)
except ValueError as e:
self.msg(f"'{e.args[0]}' is not a valid action or verb in inkscape.")
if self.options.dry_run:
self.msg(f"{'DRY RUN':=^40}")
self.msg("Root:",, '/*')))
self.msg("Actions:", actions_list)
return actions_list
def args_adder(arg_parser: ArgumentParser):
arg_parser.add_argument("--target", default='root', help="Object to apply xpath find on")
arg_parser.add_argument("--xpath", default='/*', help="For selection of objects")
arg_parser.add_argument("--tab_main", default=None)
arg_parser.add_argument("--Simple", default=None)
arg_parser.add_argument("--Multi", default=None)
arg_parser.add_argument("--mode", default="all", help="Mode to apply effects on objects")
arg_parser.add_argument("--tab_effect", default=None)
for arg in (*(x + str(y) for x in ('effect_preset', 'effect_simple') for y in range(1, 4)), 'effects'):
arg_parser.add_argument(f"--{arg}", default=None, help="Inkscape verb for path op")
arg_parser.add_argument("--dry_run", default='false')
arg_parser.add_argument("--null_notebook", default='false')
#import inkex
#for key, value in arg_parser.parse_args()._get_kwargs():
# if value is not None:
# inkex.utils.debug("{}={}".format(key, value))
BatchTask = BaseExtension(custom_effect, args_adder=args_adder)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Namespace(Multi='SelectionDiff', Simple='SelectionDiff', dry_run='false', effect1='SelectionBreakApart', effect2=None, effect3=None, effects=None, ids=['image25'], input_file='/tmp/ink_ext_XXXXXX.svgIDCKU0', mode='all', null='null', output=<_io.BufferedWriter name='<stdout>'>, selected_nodes=[], tab_effect='Simple', tab_main='Options', target='root', xpath='/*')
# Namespace(Multi=None, Simple=None, dry_run='false', effect1='SelectionDelete', effect2=None, effect3=None, effects=None, mode='all', null='false', tab_effect=None, tab_main=None, target='root', xpath='/*')