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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import inkex
from cutcraftshape import CutCraftShape
import cutcraft.platforms as cp
from cutcraft.shapes import Cylinder
class CutCraftCylinder(CutCraftShape):
def __init__(self):
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--vertices", type=int, default=3, help="Number of vertices")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--levels", type=int, default=3, help="Number of levels")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--supports", type=int, default=3, help="Number of supports")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--supwidth", type=float, default=6.0, help="Support Width")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--height", type=float, default=60.0, help="Cylinder height")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--outer", type=float, default=60.0, help="Diameter of cylinder")
self.arg_parser.add_argument("--inner", type=float, default=30.0, help="Diameter of central hole - 0.0 for no hole")
def effect(self):
vertices = self.options.vertices
levels = self.options.levels
supports = self.options.supports
supwidth = self.svg.unittouu( str(self.options.supwidth) + self.unit )
height = self.svg.unittouu( str(self.options.height) + self.unit )
outer = self.svg.unittouu( str(self.options.outer) + self.unit )
inner = self.svg.unittouu( str(self.options.inner) + self.unit )
if outer<=inner:
self._error("ERROR: Outer diameter must be greater than inner diameter.")
shape = Cylinder(height, outer/2.0, inner/2.0, vertices, supports, supwidth/2.0, supwidth, levels,
self.thickness, self.kerf)
if __name__ == '__main__':