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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import inkex
import sys
class EditAttributes(inkex.EffectExtension):
def add_arguments(self, pars):
pars.add_argument("-a", "--attributeName", help="attribute name to set")
pars.add_argument("-v", "--attributeValue", help="attribute value to set")
pars.add_argument("-m", "--mode", default="set", help="mode of operation")
def effect(self):
if not self.options.attributeName: # if attributeName is not given
inkex.errormsg("Attribute name not given")
if not self.options.attributeValue: # required to make proper behaviour
inkex.errormsg("Please define proper attribute value")
elements = self.svg.selected.values()
for el in elements:
currentAtt = el.attrib.get(self.options.attributeName)
if currentAtt is None:
currentAtt = ""
if self.options.mode == "set":
el.set(self.options.attributeName, self.options.attributeValue)
elif self.options.mode == "append":
el.attrib[self.options.attributeName] = currentAtt + self.options.attributeValue
elif self.options.mode == "prefix":
el.attrib[self.options.attributeName] = self.options.attributeValue + currentAtt
elif self.options.mode == "subtract":
el.attrib[self.options.attributeName] = currentAtt.replace(self.options.attributeValue, "")
elif self.options.mode == "remove":
if self.options.attributeName in el.attrib:
del el.attrib[self.options.attributeName]
inkex.errormsg("Invalid mode: " + self.options.mode)
if __name__ == '__main__':