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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (C) 2021 Stefan Benediktsson
# GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
# Permissions of this strongest copyleft license are
# conditioned on making available complete source code
# of licensed works and modifications, which include
# larger works using a licensed work, under the same
# license. Copyright and license notices must be preserved.
# Contributors provide an express grant of patent rights.
# When a modified version is used to provide a service
# over a network, the complete source code of the modified
# version must be made available.
Generate a FlashBurst as SVG.
import random
from math import acos, cos, radians, sin, sqrt, tan
import inkex
def points_to_svgd(p):
p: list of 2 tuples (x, y coordinates)
f = p[0]
p = p[1:]
svgd = 'M{:.3f},{:.3f}'.format(f[0], f[1])
for x in p:
svgd += 'L{:.3f},{:.3f}'.format(x[0], x[1])
svgd +='Z'
return svgd
def checkSize(a, b):
if a >= b:
return b, a
return a, b
class FlashBurst(inkex.GenerateExtension):
container_label = 'Rendered FlashBurst'
def add_arguments(self, pars):
pars.add_argument("--r1", type=int, default=20, help="Inner Radius min")
pars.add_argument("--r2", type=int, default=20, help="Inner Radius max")
pars.add_argument("--R1", type=int, default=350, help="Outer Radius min")
pars.add_argument("--R2", type=int, default=350, help="Outer Radius min")
pars.add_argument("--a1", type=int, default=5, help="Angle min")
pars.add_argument("--a2", type=int, default=7, help="Angle max")
pars.add_argument("--ad1", type=int, default=3, help="Angle delta min")
pars.add_argument("--ad2", type=int, default=2, help="Angle delta max")
def generate(self):
r1 = self.options.r1
r2 = self.options.r2
R1 = self.options.R1
R2 = self.options.R2
a1 = self.options.a1
a2 = self.options.a2
ad1 = self.options.ad1
ad2 = self.options.ad2
# generate points: list of (x, y) pairs
r1, r2 = checkSize(r1, r2)
R1, R2 = checkSize(R1, R2)
a1, a2 = checkSize(a1, a2)
ad1, ad2 = checkSize(ad1, ad2)
a = 0
oX = 0
oY = 0
style = {'stroke': '#000000', 'fill': '#000000', 'stroke-width': str(self.svg.unittouu('1px'))}
while a < 360:
a = a+random.randint(a1,a2)
dI = random.randint(r1,r2)
dO = random.randint(R1,R2)
ad = random.randint(ad1,ad2)
x0 = cos(radians(a)) * dI
y0 = sin(radians(a)) * dI
x10 = cos(radians(a-ad/2)) * dO
y10 = sin(radians(a-ad/2)) * dO
x11 = cos(radians(a+ad/2)) * dO
y11 = sin(radians(a+ad/2)) * dO
points = []
points.append((x0, y0))
path = points_to_svgd(points)
yield inkex.PathElement(style=str(inkex.Style(style)), d=str(path))
if __name__ == '__main__':