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/*This file contains plugin extra information per folder and is intended to give credits and information about sources, forking and documentation*/
"name": "The readable name of the extension in menu",
"id": "The id which is used to store paramters in inkscape UI configuration",
"path": "the folder where the extensions is in",
"dependent_extension": "extensions which should be installed to because they are used by THIS extension",
"original_name": "the readble extension name which was assigned before putting it into MightyScape (origin)",
"original_id": "the id which was assigned before putting it into MightyScape (origin)",
"license": "the license, like GPL v2 or MIT",
"license_url": "the original URL where the license can be found",
"comment": "some extra information. Keep empty or set to 'null''",
"source_url": "the URL where the actual MightyScape data is put",
"fork_url": "the URL where the original data comes from, like or",
"documentation_url": "the URL where MightyScape documentation can be found",
"inkscape_gallery_url": "the URL for the gallery location. Set to 'null' if it's not listed in the gallery",
"main_authors": [
"a comma separated list of authors which work(ed) on the extension. We use either an email address and/or pattern '<platform>/<user name or full name>:<mailbox@tl.domaind>'"