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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<param name="tab" type="notebook">
<page name="tab_settings" gui-text="Settings">
<param name="netting_type" type="optiongroup" appearance="combo" gui-text="Netting type">
<option value="alternatingly">alternatingly</option>
<option value="allwithall">all with all</option>
<param name="node_shifting" type="int" min="-1000" max="1000" gui-text="Node shifting" gui-description="Does not apply for 'all with all' type.">0</param>
<param name="stroke_width" type="float" precision="3" min="0.001" gui-text="Stroke Width (px)">1.000</param>
<page name="tab_about" gui-text="About">
<label appearance="header">Netting</label>
<label>This effect (alternatingly) nets in the selected paths. Based on the work of Sunabe Kazumichi.</label>
<label>2019 - 2021 / written by Mario Voigt (Stadtfabrikanten e.V. / FabLab Chemnitz)</label>
<label appearance="header">Online Documentation</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">Contributing</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">MightyScape Extension Collection</label>
<label>This piece of software is part of the MightyScape for Inkscape Extension Collection and is licensed under GNU GPL v3</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<page name="tab_donate" gui-text="Donate">
<label appearance="header">Coffee + Pizza</label>
<label>We are the Stadtfabrikanten, running the FabLab Chemnitz since 2016. A FabLab is an open workshop that gives people access to machines and digital tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC milling machines.</label>
<label>You like our work and want to support us? You can donate to our non-profit organization by different ways:</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label>Thanks for using our extension and helping us!</label>
<submenu name="FabLab Chemnitz">
<submenu name="Shape/Pattern from existing Path(s)"/>
<command location="inx" interpreter="python"></command>