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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import inkex
from inkex import Transform
from lxml import etree
class NormalizeDrawingScale(inkex.EffectExtension):
def add_arguments(self, pars):
pars.add_argument('--remove_viewbox', type=inkex.Boolean, default=True)
pars.add_argument('--target_scale', type=float, default=100.0)
def effect(self):
namedView = self.document.getroot().find(inkex.addNS('namedview', 'sodipodi'))
doc_units = namedView.get(inkex.addNS('document-units', 'inkscape'))
docScale = self.svg.scale
docWidth = self.svg.uutounit(self.svg.width, doc_units)
docHeight = self.svg.uutounit(self.svg.height, doc_units)
vxMin, vyMin, vxMax, vyMax = self.svg.get_viewbox()
vxTotal = vxMax - vxMin
vScaleX = self.svg.unittouu(str(vxTotal / self.svg.width) + doc_units)
if vScaleX == 0.0: #seems there is no viewBox attribute, then ...
#self.msg("viewBox attribute is missing in svg:svg. Applying new one ...")
vScaleX = 1.0 #this is the case we deal with px as display unit and we removed the viewBox
self.svg.set('viewBox', '0 0 {} {}'.format(targetScale * docWidth, targetScale * docHeight))
targetScale = self.options.target_scale / 100
if round(vScaleX, 5) != targetScale or self.options.remove_viewbox is True:
#set scale to 100% (we adjust viewBox)
if self.options.remove_viewbox is False:
self.svg.set('viewBox', '0 0 {} {}'.format(targetScale * docWidth, targetScale * docHeight))
self.document.getroot().set('inkscape:document-units', 'px')
self.svg.set('width', docWidth)
self.svg.set('height', docHeight)
namedView.attrib[inkex.addNS('document-units', 'inkscape')] = 'px'
translation_matrix = [[targetScale / vScaleX, 0.0, 0.0], [0.0, targetScale / vScaleX, 0.0]]
#select each top layer and apply the transformation to scale
processed = []
for element in self.document.getroot().iter(tag=etree.Element):
if element != self.document.getroot():
if element.tag == inkex.addNS('g','svg'):
parent = element.getparent()
if parent.get('inkscape:groupmode') != 'layer' and element.get('inkscape:groupmode') == 'layer':
element.transform = Transform(translation_matrix) * element.composed_transform()
#do the same for all elements which lay on first level and which are not a layer
for element in self.document.getroot().getchildren():
if isinstance(element, inkex.ShapeElement) and element not in processed:
element.transform = Transform(translation_matrix) * element.composed_transform()
inkex.utils.debug("Nothing to do. Scale is already 100%")
if __name__ == '__main__':