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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import inkex
from lxml import etree
class Reload(inkex.EffectExtension):
This extension gets the current doc path and reads it as doc
Then we clear the recent document from all items except basic stuff like root (svg:svg), defs and namedview
finally we overwrite all attributes from svg:svg, defs and namedview to the recent
def effect(self):
currentDoc = self.document_path()
if currentDoc == "":
self.msg("Your document is not saved as a permanent file yet. Cannot reload.")
originalRoot = self.document.getroot()
originalNamedview = self.svg.namedview
originalDefs = originalRoot.find("{}defs")
originalRoot.clear() #drop all children and attributes from root
if not os.path.exists(currentDoc):
self.msg("The input file does not exist (anymore). Please check and try again.")
with open(currentDoc, 'r') as stream:
doc = etree.parse(stream, parser=etree.XMLParser(huge_tree=True))
except Exception as e:
inkex.utils.debug("Malformed file: {}".format(e))
copyRoot = doc.getroot()
copyNamedview = copyRoot.find(inkex.addNS('namedview', 'sodipodi'))
copyDefs = copyRoot.find("{}defs")
for child in copyRoot.getchildren():
#update all attributes in originalSVG
for copyAttrib in copyRoot.attrib:
originalRoot.attrib[copyAttrib] = copyRoot.attrib[copyAttrib]
#update all attributes in originalNamedview
for copyAttrib in copyNamedview.attrib:
originalNamedview.attrib[copyAttrib] = copyNamedview.attrib[copyAttrib]
#update all attributes in originalDefs
for copyAttrib in copyDefs.attrib:
originalDefs.attrib[copyAttrib] = copyDefs.attrib[copyAttrib]
if __name__ == '__main__':