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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<name>Sine And Lace</name>
<param name="tab" type="notebook">
<page name="splash" gui-text="Sine and Lace">
<param name="nWidth" type="int" min="1" max="10000" gui-text="Width (pixels)">3200</param>
<param name="nHeight" type="int" min="1" max="10000" gui-text="Height (pixels)">100</param>
<param name="fCycles" type="float" min="0.0001" max="10000" precision="5" gui-text="Number of cycles (periods)">10</param>
<param name="nrN" type="int" min="-100" max="100" gui-text="Start angle at 2 pi ( n / m ); n = ">0</param>
<param name="nrM" type="int" min="-100" max="100" gui-text="Start angle at 2 pi ( n / m ); m = ">0</param>
<param name="fRecess" type="float" min="0" max="100" precision="5" gui-text="Recede from envelope by percentage">2</param>
<param name="nSamples" type="int" min="2" max="100000" gui-text="Number of sample points">1000</param>
<param name="nOffsetX" type="int" min="-10000" max="10000" gui-text="Starting x coordinate (pixels)">0</param>
<param name="nOffsetY" type="int" min="-10000" max="10000" gui-text="Starting y coordinate (pixels)">500</param>
<param name="bLace" type="bool" gui-text="Lace">true</param>
<param name="bSpline" type="bool" gui-text="Spline">false</param>
<page name="info" gui-text="About...">
<label xml:space="preserve">This extension renders sinusoidal and "lace"
patterns whose period is a specified multiple
of the document width or any specified width.
By selecting two previously drawn patterns,
a third pattern may be inscribed within them.
Patterns may not be inscribed within an inscribed
pattern, however.
This extension may be found at Thingiverse as
Thing #24594.
Sine and Lace v0.9
Dan Newman (dan newman @ mtbaldy us)
12 June 2012</label>
<submenu name="FabLab Chemnitz">
<submenu name="Shape/Pattern from Generator"/>
<command location="inx" interpreter="python"></command>