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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<param type="notebook" name="Nmain">
<page name="top" gui-text="Color">
<label appearance="header">Fills a box with a texture made of vertical line segments.</label>
<param name="strokeColour" type="color" appearance="colorbutton" gui-text="Line colour: ">255</param>
<param name="strokeWidth" type="int" gui-text="Line width: ">2</param>
<page name="main" gui-text="Main">
<param max="256" name="blur" type="int" gui-text="Blur">2</param>
<param max="1000" name="linno" type="int" gui-text="# of columns">50</param>
<param name="xrand" type="bool" gui-text="Lines randomized">true</param>
<param name="pagep" type="bool" gui-text="Default box to page size?">true</param>
<param max="10000" name="cusx" type="int" gui-text="Custom size x">500</param>
<param max="10000" name="cusy" type="int" gui-text="Custom size y">500</param>
<page name="vert" gui-text="Each column">
<param min="1" max="256" name="segLen" type="int" gui-text="# of segments">8</param>
<param name="yrand" type="bool" gui-text="Lengths randomized">true</param>
<param name="dashp" type="bool" gui-text="Use dashes?">true</param>
<param name="blankp" type="bool" gui-text="Use blanks?">true</param>
<param name="dotp" type="bool" gui-text="Use dots?">true</param>
<param max="1000" name="dots" type="int" gui-text="Dots per height">100</param>
<label>This sets the size of a dot relative to the total height. Higher is shorter.</label>
<submenu name="FabLab Chemnitz Shape Generators">
<submenu name="Streaks And Blobs" />
<command location="inx" interpreter="python"></command>