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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<name>vpype Free Mode</name>
<param name="tab" type="notebook">
<page name="tab_settings_freemode" gui-text="vpypetools Free Mode Entries">
<label>Enter your desired command pipes and enable/disable as much fields as you like.</label>
<param name="freemode" type="bool" gui-hidden="true">true</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd1" type="string" appearance="multiline" gui-text="Command Set 1">layout 1024x768 translate 150px 50px</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd1_enabled" type="bool" gui-text="Enable Command Set 1">true</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd2" type="string" appearance="multiline" gui-text="Command Set 2">scaleto -o 0 0 330 200</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd2_enabled" type="bool" gui-text="Enable Command Set 2">false</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd3" type="string" appearance="multiline" gui-text="Command Set 3">rotate 30.0</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd3_enabled" type="bool" gui-text="Enable Command Set 3">false</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd4" type="string" appearance="multiline" gui-text="Command Set 4">skew 45.0 60.0</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd4_enabled" type="bool" gui-text="Enable Command Set 4">false</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd5" type="string" appearance="multiline" gui-text="Command Set 5">splitall</param>
<param name="freemode_cmd5_enabled" type="bool" gui-text="Enable Command Set 5">false</param>
<param name="freemode_show_cmd" type="bool" gui-text="Show command" gui-description="Print the full command chain. Helpful for debugging.">false</param>
<page name="tab_settings_general" gui-text="General Settings">
<label appearance="header">Input (InkScape to vpype)</label>
<param name="input_handling" type="optiongroup" appearance="radio" gui-text="Input/Layer handling">
<option value="layers">Multilayer/document (all layers/complete document)</option>
<option value="paths">Singlelayer/paths (a single layer/paths in selection or all paths in document)</option>
<param name="flattenbezier" type="bool" gui-text="Quantization (flatten bezier curves to polylines)" gui-description="Convert bezier curves to polylines. Automatically enabled if 'Multilayer/document' (quantization parameter)">true</param>
<param name="flatness" type="float" min="0.001" max="99999.000" precision="3" gui-text="Flatness (tolerance)" gui-description="Minimum flatness = 0.001. The smaller the value the more fine segments you will get. This value is also used by option 'simplify'">0.100</param>
<param name="decimals" type="int" min="0" max="16" gui-text="Decimals" gui-description="Accuracy for imported lines' coordinates into vpype. Does not work for 'Multilayer/document'">3</param>
<param name="simplify" type="bool" gui-text="Simplify geometry" gui-description="Reduces significantly the number of segments used to approximate the curve while still guaranteeing an accurate conversion, but may increase the execution time. Does not work for 'Singlelayer/paths'">false</param>
<param name="parallel" type="bool" gui-text="Parallelize Simplify geometry" gui-description="Enables multiprocessing for the SVG conversion. This is recommended ONLY when using 'Simplify geometry' on large SVG files with many curved elements. Does not work for 'Singlelayer/paths'">false</param>
<label appearance="header">Validation (vpype pipeline)</label>
<param name="output_show" type="bool" gui-text="Preview only (debug output)" gui-description="This will open a separate window showing the finished SVG data. If enabled output, is not applied to InkScape canvas (only for preview)!">false</param>
<param name="output_show_points" type="bool" gui-text="Enable point display in viewer">false</param>
<param name="output_stats" type="bool" gui-text="Show conversion statistics" gui-description="Show output statistics before/after conversion. Helps to find out length savings.">false</param>
<label appearance="header">Output (vpype to InkScape)</label>
<param name="output_trajectories" type="bool" gui-text="Import travel trajectories" gui-description="Add paths for the travel trajectories">false</param>
<param name="keep_objects" type="bool" gui-text="Keep original objects" gui-description="If false, original (selected) objects will be removed">false</param>
<param name="strokes_to_paths" type="bool" gui-text="Auto-convert low-level strokes to paths" gui-description="Recommended option. Performs 'Path' > 'Stroke to Path' (CTRL + ALT + C) to convert vpype converted lines back to regular path objects. Warning: increases import time significantly.">true</param>
<param name="use_style_of_first_element" type="bool" gui-text="Use style of first element in layer" gui-description="If enabled the first element in selection is scanned and we apply it's style to all imported vpype lines (but not for trajectories). Does not work for 'Multilayer/document'">true</param>
<param name="lines_stroke_width" type="float" min="0.001" max="99999.000" precision="3" gui-text="Stroke width of tooling lines (px)" gui-description="Gets overwritten if 'Use style of first selected element' is enabled">1.000</param>
<param name="trajectories_stroke_width" type="float" min="0.001" max="99999.000" precision="3" gui-text="Stroke width of trajectory lines (px)">1.000</param>
<page name="tab_reference" gui-text="CLI Reference">
<label appearance="header">CLI reference (command list)</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">General:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> lmove, lcopy, ldelete, show, stat</label>
<label appearance="header">Input/Output (*):</label>
<label xml:space="preserve">* works but not recommended to use inside Inkscape</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> read, write (we use Inkscape's current canvas for this)</label>
<label appearance="header">Layout and transforms:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> layout, scale, translate, skew, rotate, scaleto, snap, crop, trim, pagesize</label>
<label appearance="header">Plotting optimization:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> linemerge, linesort, linesimplify, reloop, multipass</label>
<label appearance="header">Filters:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> filter, squiggles, splitall, reverse</label>
<label appearance="header">Generation:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> begin, end, line, rect, circle, ellipse, arc, text, grid, frame, random</label>
<label appearance="header">External:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> vpype-text, hatched, occult, deduplicate, script, ...</label>
<label appearance="header">Supported basis units:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> cm, mm, in, pt, pc, px | not supported: %, m, em, ex, ft</label>
<label appearance="header">Supported angle units:</label>
<label xml:space="preserve"> deg, grad, rad, turn</label>
<page name="tab_about" gui-text="About">
<label appearance="header">vpypetools Free Mode</label>
<label>2021 / written by Mario Voigt (Stadtfabrikanten e.V. / FabLab Chemnitz)</label>
<label appearance="header">Online Documentation</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">Contributing</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">Third Party Modules</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label appearance="header">MightyScape Extension Collection</label>
<label>This piece of software is part of the MightyScape for Inkscape Extension Collection and is licensed under GNU GPL v3</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<page name="tab_donate" gui-text="Donate">
<label appearance="header">Coffee + Pizza</label>
<label>We are the Stadtfabrikanten, running the FabLab Chemnitz since 2016. A FabLab is an open workshop that gives people access to machines and digital tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC milling machines.</label>
<label>You like our work and want to support us? You can donate to our non-profit organization by different ways:</label>
<label appearance="url"></label>
<label>Thanks for using our extension and helping us!</label>
<effect needs-live-preview="true">
<submenu name="FabLab Chemnitz">
<submenu name="vpype Tools"/>
<command location="inx" interpreter="python"></command>