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Madeleine.js for Gitea

Madeleine.js Integration for Gitea. Does not work for ASCII files (in conjunction with gitea). You can convert ASCII files to binary using admesh. Admesh is available for Windows and Linux.


See (

HowTo Steps

Convert ASCII to Binary STL

apt install admesh
admesh ascii-file.stl --write-binary-stl binary.stl

Gitea config

cd /opt/gitea/custom/templates/
mkdir base/
cd base/
vim /opt/gitea/custom/templates/base/footer.tmpl
function lS(src){
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
    let s = document.createElement('script')
    s.src = src
    s.addEventListener('load', () => {
if($('.view-raw>a[href$=".stl" i]').length){
  $('body').append('<link href="/Madeleine.js/src/css/Madeleine.css" rel="stylesheet">');
  Promise.all([lS("/Madeleine.js/src/lib/stats.js"),lS("/Madeleine.js/src/lib/detector.js"), lS("/Madeleine.js/src/lib/three.min.js"), lS("/Madeleine.js/src/Madeleine.js")]).then(function() {
    $('.view-raw').attr('id', 'view-raw').attr('style', 'padding: 0;margin-bottom: -10px;');
    new Madeleine({
      target: 'view-raw',
      data: $('.view-raw>a[href$=".stl" i]').attr('href'),
      path: '/Madeleine.js/src'
chown git:git footer.tmpl
chmod 770 footer.tmpl
cd /opt/gitea/custom/
mkdir public/
cd public/
git clone Madeleine.js/
chown -R git:git /opt/gitea/custom/public
service gitea restart

Source code comes from