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Mario Voigt 1 year ago
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# mightyscape
# MightyScape for InkScape 0.92.X
Looking to get more productive i started using some more special InkScape extensions. I love InkScape. And i love things like 3d printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, pen plotting, maths, physics, geometry, patterns, 2D drawings, 3D CAD and so on. I am also interested to learn embroidery and more stuff. All this you can do with InkScape! After years i recognized that there is no good source to pull them in a quick and clean way. Each developer puts his own code on his hidden/unknown repository. Many plugins are completely unknown and a lot of extensions are forked x times or are unmaintained. So many extensions do not work with recent InkScape or were never tested with newer versions so far.
# What and why?
This is a one-to-bundle-them-all collection of hundreds of additional functions to InkScape (extensions) for version 0.92.4 including documentation. All plugins where sorted in into custom categories (to avoid overloading the standard extension menu of InkScape). You can find most of them in sub menu "FabLab Chemnitz". I renamed and cleaned a lot of *.inx files and *.py files. I applied some function renamings, id changes (for preferences.xml clean-keeping), spelling fixes, formattings and parameter corrections.
@ -33,7 +34,10 @@ I think this package is ideal for makers who are travelling around and/or using
* Integrate more extensions
* clean code
* make more precise documentation with more examples
* make it compatible with InkScape 1.0 and Python 3
* make it compatible with InkScape 1.0 and Python 3
# Documentation and examples
Please see at
Please see at
# Deprecation notes
This package cannot be applied for InkScape 1.0 and higher (Python 2 vs Python 3). See the new MightyScape 1.0 Extension Pack