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peteruithoven f8032d7411 Merge branch 'develop' 6 years ago
peteruithoven 2acb06c3ed Adding forgotten grunt task to make file: template
@companje This would add build info, create main.js.out which was used in later concat tasks. Without this task the final code would lack the main.js code.
6 years ago
peteruithoven daed62937c Merged master into develop 7 years ago
peteruithoven 058fff8b34 Handle multiple tags in buildinfo 7 years ago
peteruithoven 28808078ad Enable using common npm start script 7 years ago
peteruithoven 4e18fa0f56 Execute new gitinfo in OpenWRT build 7 years ago
peteruithoven 225a173da7 Altered Build/Compile to run from shared folder
so grunt can access git info
7 years ago
peteruithoven d2bc62b092 Fix stopping while sending
7 years ago
peteruithoven 28ce8ff479 OpenWRT Build/Prepare fix
Copy js files to build dir so grunt can use them
Relevant for #307
7 years ago
peteruithoven fbcdaad54a Fix OpenWRT makefile Build/Compile step
Fixes #307
7 years ago
Wouter R 4a3da30ebd Log git/version information in web console (#305).
The information is dynamically inserted when grunt is run.
7 years ago
Wouter R 533968bb04 Stability fixes on unstable network (#304):
- when a sequence number mismatch is received and the wifibox expects the chunk immediately following the current one, skip ahead; this often happens after a network disconnect.
- retry sending a print part when the wifibox was disconnected (i.e. checkStatus failed and set state to WIFIBOX_DISCONNECTED_STATE).
7 years ago
Wouter R 0a9ceee49a Log statement fixes. 7 years ago
Wouter R 50d964e611 Change several log statements for Safari to print on one line instead of multiple. 7 years ago
Wouter R 656e37670e Log more information on AJAX failure and explicitly log when buffer is full. 7 years ago
Wouter R 4752199cfb Remove outdated comment. 7 years ago
Wouter R c742740078 Include sequence numbers in console.log message when sending print. 7 years ago
Wouter R 578fba4f63 Sequence numbering + stop button:
- send sequence numbers along with gcode to wifibox;
- remove 'disable stop button hack';
- show error to user in case of sequencing errors, except when in stopping state.

Should fix #226.
7 years ago
Wouter R bca548def5 js/Printer.js: partly clean up sendPrinterPart. 7 years ago
Wouter R a5d3e88f0a js/Printer.js:
- change this.sendLength to Printer.MAX_LINES_PER_POST;
- re-order object variable declarations.
7 years ago
Wouter R 456531b15f Change 'first' parameter of printer/print call to 'clear'. 7 years ago
Wouter R 4f5e1143b4 Send total number of lines to be printed along with every gcode chunk. 7 years ago
Wouter R a9f7fe1c78 Use bufferSize and maxBufferSize from printer progress to wait until buffer load drops below given ratio after buffer_full has been received. 7 years ago
Wouter R 8f0943a53b Update license-spec.lua for changed directory structure. 7 years ago
Wouter R 5c07947fe5 Code refactoring. 8 years ago
Wouter R d48944e448 Add checkbox for new setting 'printer.bottomEnableTraveling'.
Implement bottom layer traveling in GCode generation as well as sketch rendering.
8 years ago
Wouter R 46bcd54a1a Only show warning about verbose logging when level is set to verbose or bulk.
Small improvements to when log level warnings are shown.
8 years ago
peteruithoven 25c51c3e5c settings log level layout 8 years ago
Wouter R c2f5f890c7 Add dropdown menu to settings window for log level selection with appropriate warnings. 8 years ago
peteruithoven 09fcdbea31 Month fix #294 8 years ago
peteruithoven 969178b096 Merge branch 'develop' 8 years ago
peteruithoven 58ad430e13 404 responsive 8 years ago
Arne Boon a7d253203a wanhao duplicator 4 printer type r2x heated bed support 8 years ago
Arne Boon 38b43e5263 add filament thickness to printer settings panel to make it configurable per printer type 8 years ago
peteruithoven 9a24230112 404 page fixes 8 years ago
peteruithoven a823c4cc25 Removed Scan & Trace button
Doesn’t seem to be used, there is already a Photo Guide button.
8 years ago
peteruithoven 6835a7056c Merge branch 'master' into develop 8 years ago
Rick Companje 8d2d4a9f57 makefile & logo click url 9 years ago
Rick Companje 2fba2b34a1 filemanager refresh 9 years ago
Rick Companje 95f5ce97b5 manage sketches and file manager 9 years ago
Rick Companje 31b16b2a3f finished viewer 9 years ago
Rick Companje 18d1aacc71 fixed issue #261 (scroll overflow) 9 years ago
Rick Companje 58b930cefa started with file manager / viewer 9 years ago
Rick Companje c6b6a3c448 fixed aspect-ratio bug for photo guide 9 years ago
Rick Companje 3d99c146a0 added a button for importing photos for tracing by hand 9 years ago
Wouter R 27e794876b Merge branch 'develop' of into develop 9 years ago
peteruithoven 6202f9febd Merge branch 'develop' 9 years ago
peteruithoven 53843f499c Fix #246. Assume ap created when empty network status 9 years ago
peteruithoven 953d50e5fc 404 style fixes 9 years ago
peteruithoven 72d2e859f7 iOS Captive portal fix 2 9 years ago